Introducing the Century Cranes fleet
We can service a large and diverse range of jobs, and our fleet is available for wet and dry hire

At Century Cranes Cairns we provide a consultative approach to your specific project requirements. It is because of this ‘hands-on’ service that we can best assist clients to get the right lifting solutions at the best price. We focus on customising a plan to suit your individual needs.

Century Cranes is also able to supply a wide range of ancillary equipment to facilitate any type of lift.

We own spreader bars, block cages, lifting beams, man cages and concrete kibbles including a range of rigging equipment. If we don’t have what the job requires, we are able to design and fabricate the equipment to suit.

Our team consists of an in-house crane mechanic, operators, drivers, doggers, boiler makers and a logistics hub to ensure we offer the best service for our clients and also maintain the upmost highest safety standards in our industry.

City Class – Crane Hire
Tonne Drive Boom [m] Fly Jib [m] Capacity CONTACT US
13 City Class - 4WD 24m 5.5m, 60° offset 13 tonne
20 City Class - 4WD 28m 5.8m, 60° offset 200kg @ 27m
55 City Class - 6WD – AW Steer 40m 20m, 30° offset 600kgs @ 44m
Franna – Crane Hire
Tonne Drive Boom [m] Fly Jib [m] Capacity CONTACT US
15 Franna - 4WD 17.9m 15 tonne
20 Franna - 4WD 17.9m 20 tonne
25 Franna - 4WD 18.4m 25 tonne
40 Franna - 4WD 19.8m 40 tonne
Rough Terrain – Crane Hire
Tonne Drive Boom [m] Fly Jib [m] Capacity CONTACT US
20 Rough Terrain - 4WD 28m 11.4m, 60° offset 20 tonne
Telescope Crawler – Crane Hire
Tonne Drive Boom [m] Fly Jib [m] Capacity CONTACT US
100 Crawler Tracks 52m 19m, 40° offset 1.5T @ 48m main boom, 1T @58m fly and needle
All Terrain – Crane Hire
Tonne Drive Boom [m] Fly Jib [m] Capacity CONTACT US
60 6WD – AW Steer 48m 16m, 40° offset 900kg @ 48m
100 8WD – AW Steer 60m 27m, 40° offset 0.8T @ 52m main boom,
0.9T @ 54m fly and needle
120 8WD – AW Steer 60 17m, 40° offset 1.7T @ 54m main boom,
1.2T @ 62m fly and needle
200 6WD – AW Steer 68m 33m, 40° offset 0 – 69 tonne counterweigh combinations,
101m block height
250 6WD – AW Steer 72m 36m, 45° offset fly and needle 3.1T @ 66m main boom,
42m, 40° offset fixed fly 1.1T @ 92m fly and needle
70m luffing fly 1.1T @ 90m fixed fly,
4.8T @ 74m luffing fly
Trucks, Trailers and Dogman Hire

Flat Bed Truck
Semi - Trailer


Working with some of the best names in local business
About us
Century Cranes is the largest crane hire business in the Cairns region. Locally owned and operated, we have a modern fleet of cranes of varying sizes from 2.9T Spider Crane to 250 tonne All Terrain.
Contact us
When you contact our professional team, one of our representatives will visit you at your site or office to advise you on all your lifting needs and we’ll provide you with a detailed proposal.
View our gallery and see what your local Century Cranes team have been up to across some of Cairns’ latest commercial projects.
Century Training
Century Training offers an exciting opportunity to those who are looking at commencing their career in high-risk operations or complementing their current qualifications.
Century Cranes are proud supporters and sponsors of the following organisations:
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